Drones and Robots – New face of logistics

On June 22, 2016, the last day of eyefortranport’s 3PL Summit and Chief Supply Chain Officer Summit in Chicago, the day began with a panel on cutting edge technologies that could change the face of logistics. The panel included six people, but in the interest of brevity there is mainly focus on the comments of two participants:
1. Ken Piro – the VP of Marketing at PINC Solutions – spoke on drone technology.
2. Bruce Welty – Chairman of Locus Robotics – focused on goods-to-man robots.

Mr. Piro made it clear that when PINC has run pilots with drones in the warehouse for the purpose of cycle counting, safety is a priority. The drones either run at times when no one is working, or if the warehouses run 24 hours – workers are not permitted in the aisles where the drones are working.
Mr. Welty also began by describing his company’s journey to producing robots for the warehouse. Mr. Welty used to run a warehouse management system company. After he sold the company, he founded a 3PL company that provides e-fulfillment services for their clients. That company sought to differentiate itself from others in the market by using robots in their picking process.